Gallery of Fauna

McKeehen Curiosity cabinet 72

Curiosity Cabinet

KMcKeehen Dreamtime of FBauer 72

The Dreamtime of Ferdinand Bauer

K McKeehen Wallace Remembered 72

Wallace Remembered

KMcKeehen Nests 72


Jewels scan 72

A Scattering of Jewels

McKeehen I-O 72


McKeehen Short-earred owl 72 flat

Study of Short-eared owl

Work in progress; Portrait of a Park

Work in Progress: Portrait of a Park

photoshop wallace

The Wallace Line

Amazement of bugs 2

A Mazement of Bugs


Brown pelican


Wood ducks (Aix sponsa)

%22Collection%22 mckeehen


kestrel wing

kestrel wing, gull skull, Audubon sketchbook page


Gold-crowned kinglets on vine maple

Steller's jay

Steller’s jay

Bushtits & nest

Bushtits on clematis

Micronesia Memoria

Micronesia Memoria


cover, Presidio Nat. Park publication

KM Polyphemus moth copy

Polyphemus moth


Malay stick insect

Low Tide full size

Low Tide at Indianola

woodpecker on ponderosa

White-headed woodpecker (Leuconotopicus albolarvatus)

Hooded mergansers km

Hooded mergansers (Lophodytes cucullatus)





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  1. Beautiful and inspiring work!

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