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I’ve taken quite a long hiatus from teaching during the pandemic; while I taught an online Zoom class and a workshop with Gage in 2021, I am hopeful that at some point in 2022, I’ll be back in the classroom–at Gage, at CUH, and in my own workshops. Because I did get the equipment for teaching via Zoom, I’ve been able to do what I’ve wanted to prior to all this–which is make some casual instructional videos for students. So when we’re able to get back together, I will have some I-hope-helpful little vids on YouTube to share, and some additional methods and ideas, as well, since I’ve been taking advantage of those instructors who have done wonders with Zoom to bring excellent instruction to us all! If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll get the word when things return to normal enough for us all to meet in person once again–and I’ll look forward to seeing you then.

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 If you are looking for a refresher course on botanical drawing, my beginner/intermediate-level drawing class online at Craftsy can give you shading and drawing basics, including how to do those weirdly un-intuitive but oh-so-useful double transfers!  They have sales often, and prices are reasonable.   It uses Craftsy’s easy-to-use online format to provide a class you can access any time, as often and as long as you want, post your work & get feedback, and engage in on-going questions and discussions of the class and your work.  Maybe you can’t get to a class in person right now, but want to review the methods we worked on in class?  Or you haven’t had a botanical drawing class yet and would like to begin with the basics?  Check it out at! There are also some excellent classes with other artists, including those well-known in the botanical painting world, in both watercolor, colored pencil, and graphite.



If you have any questions about classes, don’t hesitate to email me at



3 thoughts on “classes and workshops”

  1. Melissa T said:

    I’m interested in the autumn leaves class but can’t find information on it.

  2. Are you offering any classes in the Seattle area (preferably S. of downtown) in Spring 2023? Thanks! Lin

    • I won’t be offering any classes this spring, and probably not in Seattle this year; as my husband and I are both in the “vulnerable” category re Covid, much as I’d like to be back in my classrooms at Gage or CUH, that’s probably not going to happen yet. I am trying to start up some workshops where I’ve got more control in regards to precautions, ventilation, etc. but that venue would be on my side of the Sound rather than Seattle. I may end up doing more Zoom classes if it just gets too frustrating not being able to teach–wish I could say I was back with a full, easily accessible schedule–maybe next year! Thanks for contacting me–and I do like the work of Jess Marie Griffith, who is teaching botanical classes at Gage.

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