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We’re mid-quarter right now, but there are some workshops coming up in 2018 and 2019, and more weekly classes in Winter Quarter, 2019.  Stay tuned for further details, but here’s what should be happening


GAGE ACADEMY, Seattle.  Autumn Leaves, Saturday/Sunday, 9:30-4:30, October 27-28.  The colorful leaves of autumn make excellent subjects for practicing various wash and dry-brush techniques.  Students may also choose the challenging gourds and other colorful harbingers of the season. All levels welcome, and small amounts of supplies are available to keep costs down. Register online at or by phone at 206-323-GAGE (4243)

There may still be space available in BUGS!Saturday/Sunday, January 12-13. 15 minutes from the Kingston ferry, our classroom will be  in the Hansville Community Center at the park at Buck Lake, surrounded by nature trails. Learn to mount, draw, paint, and be totally smitten with “bugs” as subjects, on their own or as ideal companions to botanicals.  Cost to be announced but will be 150.00 or under (still doing the math because of increased costs with the facility this year.)  Contact me via email ( if interested.


Entiat Workshop–.Visit the Eastern side of the mountains again for our third workshop.  This year we’ll be visiting Ohme Gardens in Wenatchee and learning and practicing field sketching. The date is a little earlier–April 21-22–and we should have access once again to the wonderful classroom venue & facilities of the Entiat fire station which we enjoyed last year.  And we’ll again meet and greet at Debbie Gregory’s lovely house on the hill up Crum Canyon Road on the Friday evening before the workshop. Let me know if you’re interested; it will officially open early in 2019, with first dibs going to local Entiatians, but there may be room for west-side  “206-ers” as well!  Email me at to be put on the list.


Weekly classes:

~~At Gage Academy...register online at or by phone at 206-323-GAGE (4243)

Botanical DrawingFridays, 1/18-3/22, 9:30-12:30. Learn to use line to accurately depict plant subjects and then move on to understanding the effect of light on form and how to use shading for three-dimensionality; those who have taken the drawing course already can work on subjects of their choice with ample supervision, and can also learn pen & ink skills.


Painting the Natural WorldFridays, 1/18-3/22, 1:30-4:30. Learn the botanical artist’s classic method of dry-brush watercolor to paint all types of natural subjects, from birds to bones to botanicals. (And stones, and shells, and bugs…)


~~At UW Center for Urban Horticulture...Register by phone at 206-685-8033 or online at


Botanical Watercolor, Tuesdays, 1/22-3/5, 7:00-9:30. 
Learn the basics of classical botanical watercolor painting, which will include techniques in measurement, drawing, and understanding how light reveals form, along with practice in color mixing.  Controlled washes and dry-brush technique will contribute further, producing an image that is three-dimensional, accurate, and aesthetically appealing–the goal of botanical painting–and equally effective in painting other subjects realistically. Beginners are welcome, and students with previous instruction can take on new subjects with plentiful supervision.


I hope you’ll find something that appeals and works with your schedule–I won’t be teaching at Gage or CUH during Spring of 2019, so for the weekly classes, winter quarter will be it, and the Entiat workshop may be the only class until the following fall quarter. Do check in, though, or contact me, as I may add some additional workshops in spring or summer!

Detail Dreamtime of Ferdinand Bauer.jpg

 I’ve set up a Facebook page focused on art topics–Kathleen McKeehen Art–so visit!  Along with other things art-related, you’ll find my recommendations for the Craftsy classes I find that you might enjoy. Craftsy is an interesting and effective format for online classes, and quite a number of us Gage instructors also have classes there now. I’ll also let you know if BioQuip has a “bug” sale, or if I see anything else botanical, buggy, or birdish you might be interested in!

 If you are looking for a refresher course on botanical drawing, my beginner/intermediate-level drawing class online at Craftsy can give you shading and drawing basics, including how to do those weirdly un-intuitive but oh-so-useful double transfers!  They have sales often, which I will mention on my Facebook page when they occur.   It uses Craftsy’s easy-to-use online format to provide a class you can access any time, as often and as long as you want, post your work & get feedback, and engage in on-going questions and discussions of the class and your work.  Maybe you can’t get to a class in person right now, but want to review the methods we worked on in class?  Or you haven’t had a botanical drawing class yet and would like to begin with the basics?  Check it out at!   There are also some excellent classes with other artists, including those well-known in the botanical painting world, which I’ll also point out on the Facebook page as I find and try them out myself.  




If you have any questions about classes, don’t hesitate to email me at




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  1. Melissa T said:

    I’m interested in the autumn leaves class but can’t find information on it.

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