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Here’s the Winter Quarter schedule for 2017:

 This will be the only quarter I’ll be teaching until fall of 2017, except for a workshop or so, so if you’ve been wanting to sign up, now is the time.  And last quarter, the painting class filled fairly early, so don’t wait too long! 

Botanical Drawing  Gage Academy,  Seattle  January 20-March 24,  Fridays,  9:30-12:30   Learn to draw botanical subjects realistically and beautifully, with skills that will transfer to any subject.  This class is a good preparation for Botanical Watercolor.  All levels welcome; returning students can pursue their own projects, including pen & ink work.  206 323-GAGE or

 Botanical Watercolor: Painting the Natural World in Watercolor Gage Academy, SeattleJanuary 20-March 24Fridays, 1:30-4:30   Learn the botanical artist’s classic method of dry-brush watercolor to paint a variety of natural subjects. Students will explore basic dry-brush and wash methods by using subjects ranging from winter’s cones and branches to birds, bugs, shells, or bones. The instructor can provide specimens or students may bring their own. All levels are welcome.  Students may purchase small amounts of the more expensive supplies to keep costs down.       206 323-GAGE or

 Botanical Watercolor, Center for Urban Horticulture, Seattle,  January 24-March 7 (we will not meet on Valentines Day) Tuesdays, 7:00-9:30 pm  Learn the basic skills of botanical watercolor, using washes and dry-brush techniques to render botanical subjects realistically.  Students with previous experience may work on subjects of their choice with plentiful supervision. All levels are welcome.  Students may purchase small amounts of the more expensive supplies to keep costs or 206-685-8033  

Pacific Northwest Botanical Artists Painting Birds WorkshopSeattle, February 11-12, Saturday/Sunday, 9:30-4:00  Birds make an excellent accompaniment to botanical paintings and fascinating subjects in their own right.  Join us for a workshop focused on accurate drawings and effective watercolor rendering of these beautiful creatures.  Registration will be open on January 1st, first to PNBA members, then others. For more information, check the PNBA website,

Workshop:  I’m taking the 2017 spring quarter off from my usual classes at Gage and CUH, but I’m planning a Spring Flowers workshop in Eastern Washington  on the weekend of May 6/7 near Entiat, Washington.  This will be a two-day watercolor workshop, and we’re also hoping for an opportunity to get out to see the wildflowers of that side of the mountains.  There will be a hosted gathering in a lovely house in Crum Canyon, just up from the Entiat River, amongst the ponderosas.  Both Wenatchee and Chelan are within easy driving distance, with a range of hotels/B&Bs, etc. More information will be out soon–contact me if you’re interested.

 I’ve set up a Facebook page focused on art topics–Kathleen McKeehen Art–so do visit!  Along with other things art-related, you’ll find my recommendations for the Craftsy classes I find that you might enjoy. Craftsy is an interesting and effective format for online classes, and quite a number of us Gage instructors also have classes there now. I’ll also let you know if BioQuip has a “bug” sale, or if I see anything else botanical, buggy, or birdish you might be interested in!

If you are looking for a refresher course on botanical drawing, my beginner/intermediate-level drawing class online at Craftsy can give you shading and drawing basics, including how to do those weirdly un-intuitive but oh-so-useful double transfers!  They have sales often, which I will mention on my Facebook page when they occur.   It uses Craftsy’s easy-to-use online format to provide a class you can access any time, as often and as long as you want, post your work & get feedback, and engage in on-going questions and discussions of the class and your work.  Maybe you can’t get to a class in person right now, but want to review the methods we worked on in class?  Or you haven’t had a botanical drawing class yet and would like to begin with the basics?  Check it out at!   There are also some excellent classes with other artists, including those well-known in the botanical painting world, which I’ll also point out on the Facebook page as I find and try them out myself.  

You can access my class at for a 25% discount (or for a bigger discount if they have a sale going on!) at



If you have any questions about classes, don’t hesitate to email me at



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  1. Melissa T said:

    I’m interested in the autumn leaves class but can’t find information on it.

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