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With the current situation, all classes have been canceled. I would ordinarily be taking spring and summer off anyhow, except for the spring workshop in Entiat, and back in the fall with Gage and CUH classes, along with various workshops. We’ll hope that will be the case this fall as well–that we’ll all be back together in person. I find my classes to be amazing gatherings of people I am so fortunate to be hanging out with, so look forward to being there again.  In the meantime, if you want to work on your drawing or painting skills, there are lots of classes on Craftsy/MyBluprint, including my botanical drawing class and classes by internationally known botanical artists, bird artists, and a number of other Gage instructors, (if, for instance, you want to add people to the list of mammals you like to draw, or sharpen your understanding of perspective or…) And if you search online, it’s amazing how much information is out there–many botanical instructors worldwide offer tutorials for free, as well as excellent online courses.  And, of course, if you’re stuck at home for the duration, it’s a perfect time to practice your drawing and painting skills. That’s what I’m doing, along with practicing the fiddle, which I’m hoping will sound less like torturing cats when this thing has finally run its course and I’ve had hours more of drill.  Stay in and stay well.  Do contact me if you have any questions–about finding classes, about art you’re working on, about good books to order…

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 If you are looking for a refresher course on botanical drawing, my beginner/intermediate-level drawing class online at Craftsy/MyBluprint can give you shading and drawing basics, including how to do those weirdly un-intuitive but oh-so-useful double transfers!  They have sales often, and prices are reasonable.   It uses Craftsy’s easy-to-use online format to provide a class you can access any time, as often and as long as you want, post your work & get feedback, and engage in on-going questions and discussions of the class and your work.  Maybe you can’t get to a class in person right now, but want to review the methods we worked on in class?  Or you haven’t had a botanical drawing class yet and would like to begin with the basics?  Check it out at!  (Now There are also some excellent classes with other artists, including those well-known in the botanical painting world, in both watercolor, colored pencil, and graphite.




If you have any questions about classes, don’t hesitate to email me at



1 thought on “classes and workshops”

  1. Melissa T said:

    I’m interested in the autumn leaves class but can’t find information on it.

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