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Botanicals, birds, natural science subjects, children’s illustration

“We are enchanted at the sight of these leaves; nature is revealed, art concealed. Great in its precision, gentle in its execution, decisive and satisfying in its appearance.” Goethe, 1817, said of the work of Ferdinand Bauer, natural science illustrator and traveler.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to FloraFauna”

  1. Dear Kathleen, I had a hard time finding your personal webpage… and mistakenly sent you an email on the ScienceArt site, which I understand now is only for people interested in buying art… not taking classes! Please accept my apologies for using the wrong email! I hope you received it and will reply to me regarding possible classes or workshop this Fall on the Olympic Peninsula or other places. Thank you!
    Serafina Strickland

  2. Hi Kathleen, I am presently taking the Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration 101 through edX.org and have given the following review of you for my first Module in the class, as I was to speak of a Natural History Illustrator in my area. Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration to me! Blessings!

    “Hello! This is Constance from the Puget Sound in Seattle, Washington. I have chosen to highlight Kathleen McKeehen as my local NHI. Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Kathleen at her studio and I am very much looking forward to studying under her in the new year of 2017.

    Kathleen’s work is beautiful and admirable and I quickly found out that she has a natural and great passion for teaching botanical illustration. I know that she will be a wonderful resource of inspiration to me in the years to come.”

  3. Darryl Ruprecht said:

    Hi Kathleen, I am writing to seek your approval with using a Watercolor and pencil rendition of Staghorn fern you produced in 2012. I am writing a book on the subject and would like to include this beautiful piece of art. Hope to hear from you. Kind regards. Darryl

  4. Jan Watson said:

    I would love to take classes from you, but at this time that is undoable. Partly cost, and location. I live in eastern Washington and am very interested in botanical art. Lots I need to do to get going. This class with Drawing Nature, Science and Culture and Natural History Illustration 101 through edx.org. is my first course of lots of work to do on the subject. I would love to hear from you of any advise, suggestions you have. Thank you. Jan Watson

    • Jan,
      I’m just heading out this morning on a road trip–could you email me at kmckeehen@centurytel.net? and I can reply while on the road–as I do have some suggestions as to how to get some instruction from various sources. (Just met through email another artist on the 509 side through our botanical society who also wants to get instruction, but there isn’t yet a lot on that side of the mountains– there are some avenues to pursue. And just for inspiration, check out the American Society of Botanical Artists website and the Pacific Northwest Botanical Artists (a google should get you there.) . More soon!

      • Jan Watson said:

        Thank you for the information. I hope to join the PNBS after the first of the year. Interested in any classes you suggest. I look firward to hearing from you. Enjoy your trip.

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